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Architectural finishes

New Bunurong Memorial Park opens

New Bunurong Memorial Park features Sto Germany's architectural finishes installed by Practica MMC

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New product launch

Umbra - (trans)form + function

UMBRA Architectural Shadings visually transform building facades while delivering thermal performance.

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Skyline 'cap-less' system

Skyline how-to video launched

Practica MMC presents a detailed step-by-step video to illustrate the superior waterproofing and finishing qualities of the ‘cap-less’ Skyline system.

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Product upgrade

MasterFloor - now achieve up to R3.2

Don't let your floor be the weak link in your energy efficiency strategy. The MasterFloor system now includes a new 90mm profile that has been thermally tested by SmartRate to achieve up to R3.2.

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Skyline 'cap-less' system

Skyline banishes metal cappings forever

Skyline transforms the way architects and designers approach the finishing and detailing of their buildings to create a beautiful, seamless and long lasting finish at the skyline of the building.

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External lightweight insulating wall cladding system

MasterWall- the superior wall cladding solution

Quality and detailing, compliancy, longevity and great architectural finishes is why MasterWall continues to gain strong favour with architects, designers and builders.

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STO partners with Practica MMC

Renowned STO interior and exterior render and wall systems are now available in Australia through Practica MMC.


Mastery of the building envelope: the secret to energy efficiency

It may not be the first thing that springs to mind when designing or retrofitting a property, but the building envelope or the interface between the interior and exterior environments is one of most important aspects of any building. This is particularly true when it comes to improving energy efficiency, cost-effectiveness and the long-term performance of the building. Factors including rising energy prices, concerns over environmental impacts and occupant health and comfort are driving the industry’s focus on the building envelope.


Tightening regulations welcomed

Following the release of the Victorian Building Authority’s Practice Note on Alternative Solutions – Procedures and Documentation, Sandy McPherson, Practica MMC’s Managing Director provides some insight on what this means for external wall cladding systems.

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